Foto casa desde exterior
Foto casa y piscina desde exterior
Foto casa desde exterior
Foto persona en puerta de casa
Foto entrada de casa y exterior desde lateral
Foto persona pasando por entrada de casa
Foto pila y ducha baño
Foto cuarto con persona sentada en balcón
Foto cama
Foto persona leyendo en balcón
Foto persona mirando por ventana
Foto salón
Foto persona sentada en salón
Foto desde salón de persona en pasillo
Foto cocina
Foto pila baño
Foto persona subiendo escaleras
Foto escaleras
Foto persona en pasillo
Foto persona mirando por ventana
Foto escaleras desde lateral
Foto persona saliendo de casa
Foto persona entrando en casa
Foto casa desde exterior
Foto casa desde exterior

Casa Gin

- House

A house that is developed at the bottom of the mountain, in a residential neighbourhood and with privileged views. A large room for meetings that could be easily integrated with the exterior. The kitchen area integrated with the living-dining room, separated from the overflow area and terrace by a glass that allows a total connection with it. To complete the ground floor programme, a service strip is integrated into a cedar wood panelled volume that leads us to the staircase. Opposite, a large window with trees completes the scene and blurs the limits of the house. Upstairs, with balconies on both sides to protect from the sun during the summer, there is an suite bedroom with bathroom and dressing room that takes advantage of the mountain views.
Proyecto Arq Cecilia Pasquini
Interior design
Bleyva Studio
Tucumán - Argentina
YEAR 2019
M2 230m2