Viviendas Bcn

- Apartments

Located in the centre of Barcelona, on a plot of ...m2, the possibility arises to develop a housing project for a family. With the intention of making the construction profitable, 3 floors of rental flats are also planned. At the ground floor, an access gate integrates the entrance to the garage with the entrance to the flats. Following there is a single vertical circulation core that integrates the lift and staircase and divides the rental flats to the front and the family housing to the back of the plot. The construction is detached from the vertical circulation core to provide an entrance of air and light on both sides. In this way, the rental flats are completely independent from the private flats. All the rental flats have access to a terrace that came about as a result of the necessity for open-air spaces after the pandemic crisis. The housing at the back of the plot is developed on ground floor, first floor and second floor. It is organized into a living-dining room with an integrated kitchen that overflows into a courtyard that overlooks the block. On the first and second floors, bedrooms with their respective bathrooms.
Project manager, Alfonso Zumarraga, Proyecto Selfa Arq
Barcelona - Spain
YEAR 2019
M2 415m2